ARBodies KDRA Super Stocks Special Results


Richmond, KY(April 28, 2018)

The ARBodies KDRA Super Stocks Special 1000 to Win Results:

11 KDRA Super Stocks came to Richmond Saturday night for a chance to win 1000 dollars. Eddie Stewart set quick time in qualifying only tenths of a second off the track record. Logan Preston would time in second, Tyler Alcorn third. In the first Super Stock heat race Eddie Stewart dominated leaving Tyler Collis and Greg Hensley behind to battle for second after Tyler Alcorn’s night would end early on . KDRA Super Stock heat two featured Logan Preston taking command of a great heat race. Chad Barrett and Glen Hounshell put on a show behind the leader battling hard for second. Barrett would eventually prevail and take the second spot in heat two. The 1000 dollar to win feature started to roll out and the fast three lane beast was ready for them. Stewart and Preston paced the field and kicked off the 25 lap feature. A pretty caution free race let Eddie Stewart take advantage and pull away. Stewart is putting it to them early at Richmond picking up the first two feature wins of the season. Following Stewart was Logan Preston 2nd, Glen Hounshell 3rd, Chad Barrett 4th, and Greg Hensley 5th.

ARBodies KDRA Super Stocks Top 5 in Points:

Eddie Stewart :190
Logan Preston :184
Tyler Collis :168
Chad Barrett :164
Greg Hensley :157

The Sonic Late Models 1500 to Win Results:

8 Sonic Late Models checked in to the evening of racing looking for a chance to capture the second late model race of the year. Qualifying was very fast as Todd Coffman broke a three year old record and set a NEW TRACK RECORD at 14.022 seconds. Derek Fisher timed second and Jason Barrett third. Late Model heat one had everyone on their feet as new track record holder and Jason Barrett ripped around the Beast of the East side by side every corner. Barrett had the top side and Coffman on the bottom, Barrett had his machine rolling as he picked up the win and would start on the pole. Derek Fisher started on the pole of heat two and won. Jonathan Couch was in striking distance but never made a move finishing second. The second late model feature took the green flag with Jason Barrett on the pole and Fisher right outside of him. Fisher pounded the cushion in turn one and two to take an early lead from Barrett. As the race went on we saw the heat one battle return as Todd Coffman closed in on second place running Barrett. After a five lap battle Coffman moved around Barrett to take second and try to close in on the very fast Longhorn chassis. Fisher was just to strong riding the cushion and would pick up his second feature win of 2018, Todd Coffman 2nd, Jason Barrett 3rd, Jonathan Couch 4th, and Ernie Cordier 5th.

Sonic Late Model Top 5 in Points:

Derek Fisher :188
Todd Coffman :184
Jonathan Couch :170
Jason Barrett :170
Daniel Shelton :145

The Gutter Guy Modifieds 1000 to Win Results:

13 Gutter Guy Modifieds registered for the racing action as they went back down to regular payout after there big show last week. Cody Smith made his first appearance at Richmond this weekend and set quicktime followed by Jimmy Robinson and Zach Powers. Modified heat one featured the Valvoline cars as Cody Smith, Zach Powers, and Keith Smith battled for the top spot. Cody Smith brought home heat one with his brother Keith bringing it in second and Powers third. Heat two would feature the defending track champion looking to bounce back from a DNF the week before. Robinson would ride the cushion for the win in heat two and look to start outside of Cody Smith in the 20 lap affair. The race began and as he had all night Jimmy Robinson ripped the cushion and took the lead, Cody Smith and Keith Smith however were having an intense battle for the second spot. As the battle strengthened Jimmy Crabtree, Zach Powers, and Brian Sammons began to close in. This would be shut down quick as the brothers got into each other ending Keith Smiths night early. Cody Smith was able to continue and took back his second place position, he had three fast cars right behind him with five laps to go, could he hold them off? As the modified feature ended it was a great race throughout the field as Jimmy Robinson picked up his first win of the 2018 season, Cody Smith held them off for 2nd, Jimmy Crabtree 3rd, Zach Powers 4th, and Brian Sammons 5th.

Gutter Guy Modifieds Top 5 in Points:

Jimmy Robinson :175
Jimmy Crabtree :172
Zach Powers :171
Keith Smith :161
Oscar Marshall :148

The Baker Iron and Metal Four Cylinders 500 to Win Results:

12 Baker Iron and Metal Four Cylinders made an appearance at Richmond this week. Greg Hensley doing double duty tonight set quicktime in qualifying with Tyler Hayes 2nd, and Allen Hackworth 3rd. 4 Cylinder heat one featured a lot of tough four cylinders. As they all tried to find their groove Allen Hackworth would prevail setting times half a second faster than the track record in his heat race. Hackworth would win, Brandon Creech 2nd, and Brady Lear 3rd. Heat two rolled out with defending track champion and current point leader Tyler Hayes on the pole, he went on to win heat two over Jason Sizemore who kept Hayes in sight all race. This brought us to the feature, a fast and racey Richmond Raceway kept us wondering who would prevail in tonight's 15 lap race. Allen Hackworth didn't make that a thought for too long as he would have broke the track record multiple times throughout the feature. Tyler Hayes was fast as well but no one seemed to have anything for Hackworth. As great racing happened behind the leaders Hackworth took home the win with Tyler Hayes 2nd, Jason Sizemore 3rd, Brandon Creech 4th, and Jamison Gipson 5th.

Baker Iron and Metal Four Cylinders Top 5 in Points:

Tyler Hayes :187
Brandon Creech :174
Jason Sizemore :157
Bo Morris :152
Jamison Gipson :146