Fisher, Brown, Stewart, and Hayes Win Season Opening Events at Richmond Raceway


Richmond, KY(April 29, 2017) Richmond Raceway would begin the 2017 racing season on Saturday evening and Derek Fisher of Olympia, KY would claim the $2,000 top prize in the Late Model division.  Other feature event winners included Blake Brown of Corbin, KY in Open Wheel Modifieds, Eddie Stewart of Manchester, KY in KDRA Super Stocks, and Tyler Hayes of Pine Ridge, KY in Stock Four Cylinders.

Derek Fisher would win the opening night Late Model feature contest and pick up the $2,000 payday in the process.  Chris Combs would come home in the runner-up position, while Victor Lee would complete the podium finishers with a third-place finish.  Defending track champion Jason Barrett and Connor Meade would complete the top five.  The remainder of the top ten finishers would be Briton Godsey, Donnie Everman, Colin Green, Chris Ruble, and Shane Bailey.  Twenty-three entries would see Johnny Wheeler be top qualifier at 14.628 seconds, with Wheeler also winning a heat.  Fisher and Combs would claim the other heat race victories.

Defending Open Wheel Modified track champion Blake Brown would pick up right where he left off in 2016 by scoring the opening night feature victory for the division.  Jimmy Lennex, Jr. would finish in the second position, with Jeff Watson taking the checkered flag in the third position.  Austin Francis and Chris Johnson would round out the remainder of the top five.  Completing the top ten finishers at the conclusion of the contest would be Mike Watson, Brent Estes, Cory Skipton, Joe David Turner, and P.J. Simpson.  Thirty-one entries would see Jimmy Robinson as top qualifier at 16.082 seconds and win a heat, while Keith Smith, Brown, and Watson would also be heat race winners.  B-main wins were captured by Skipton and Oscar Marshall.

Eddie Stewart would claim the opening night victory for the always-popular KDRA Super Stock division.  Ohio native Jamey Adams would finish in the second position, while Logan Preston would claim a third-place finish.  Defending track champion Robby Perkins and Travis Preston would complete the top five with fourth and fifth place efforts.  Jeremy Howard would lead the second-five at the finish, trailed by James Crowe, Tyler Collis, Trae Soper, and Gary Rahe, Jr.  Twenty-one entries would see Robby Perkins be the top qualifier and establish a new track record for the division at 16.222 seconds and also win a heat.  Adams and Stewart would claim the other heat victories.

Tyler Hayes would conclude the evening by scoring the win in the Stock Four Cylinder division.  Shane Irvin and Shane Yates would finish second and third respectively, while Matt Craddock and Adam Love wrapped up the top five finishers.  Sixth through tenth place finishes would be scored by Caleb Ratliff, Clint Cox, Greg Hensley, Chandler Belcher, and Richard Dalton.  Twenty-one entries would see Yates as top qualifier at 18.767 seconds and also win a heat, with Dave McCarty and Cox scoring the other heat victories. 

SUMMARY- Richmond Raceway- Richmond, KY- April 29, 2017

Late Models (23 entries)
Top Qualifier- Johnny Wheeler 14.628
1st Heat- Johnny Wheeler, Jason Barrett, Colin Green, Donnie Everman, Steven Eversole, Bryan Salisbury, Gary Noplis, Scott Lemaster 2nd Heat- Derek Fisher, Victor Lee, Jeff Alsip, Briton Godsey, Shane Bailey, Richard Musick, Jonathan Couch (DNS- Nathan Vawter) 3rd Heat- Chris Combs, Connor Meade, Tripp Gerrald, Chris Ruble, Mike Unger, Timmy Taylor, Austin Taylor
Feature- Derek Fisher, Chris Combs, Victor Lee, Jason Barrett, Connor Meade, Briton Godsey, Donnie Everman, Colin Green, Chris Ruble, Shane Bailey, Bryan Salisbury, Mike Unger, Steven Eversole, Jeff Alsip, Johnny Wheeler, Austin Taylor, Timmy Taylor, Gary Noplis (DNS- Jonathan Couch, Tripp Gerrald, Richard Musick, Scott Lemaster, Nathan Vawter)

Open Wheel Modifieds (31 entries)
Top Qualifier- Jimmy Robinson 16.082
1st Heat- Jimmy Robinson, Austin Francis, John Jackson, Brent Estes, Cory Skipton, Cody Mayabb, Korey Cochran 2nd Heat- Keith Smith, Jimmy Lennex, Jr., Brandon Ramsey, Mike Watson, Ricky Brandenburg, Jr., Brandon Russell, Ian Sexton (DNS- Kenneth Townsend) 3rd Heat- Blake Brown, Chris Johnson, Cody Smith, Aaron Branham, Daniel Webb, Oscar Marshall, (DNS- Travis Preston, Michael Paul Howard) 4th Heat- Jeff Watson, Zach Powers, Billie Haager, P.J. Simpson, Chris Kirk, Joe David Turner, Josh Thomas (DNS- Glen Walters) B-Main #1- Cory Skipton, Brandon Russell, Cody Mayabb, Korey Cochran, Ian Sexton, Ricky Brandenburg, Jr. (DNS- Kenneth Townsend) B-Main #2- Oscar Marshall, Joe David Turner, Josh Thomas (DNS-Daniel Webb, Chris Kirk, Michael Paul Howard, Glen Walters)
Feature- Blake Brown, Jimmy Lennex, Jr., Jeff Watson, Austin Francis, Chris Johnson, Mike Watson, Brent Estes, Cory Skipton, Joe David Turner, P.J. Simpson, Oscar Marshall, Jimmy Robinson, Zach Powers, Josh Thomas, Korey Cochran, John Jackson, Billie Haager, Brandon Ramsey, Brandon Russell, Aaron Branham, Cody Mayabb, Keith Smith, Cody Smith

KDRA Super Stocks (21 entries)
Top Qualifier- Robby Perkins 16.222 (New Track Record) 1st Heat- Robby Perkins, Travis Preston, James Crowe, John Hall, Brandon Hutchinson, Matthew King (DNS- Kelly Cook) 2nd Heat- Jamey Adams, Kevin Harkins, Jeremy Howard, Tyler Collis, Gary Rahe, Jr., Donald Barrett, Eddie Griffith 3rd Heat- Eddie Stewart, Logan Preston, Trae Soper, Michael McVey, Martin Stacey, Thomas Hoch (DNS- Jimmy Bailey)
Feature- Eddie Stewart, Jamey Adams, Logan Preston, Robby Perkins, Travis Preston, Jeremy Howard, James Crowe, Tyler Collis, Trae Soper, Gary Rahe, Jr., Michael McVey, Brandon Hutchinson, Thomas Hoch, Eddie Griffith, Donald Barrett, Kevin Harkins, John Hall, Martin Stacey, Kelly Cook (DNS- Matthew King, Jimmy Bailey)

Stock Four Cylinders (21 entries)
Top Qualifier- Shane Yates 18.767
1st Heat- Shane Yates, Tyler Hayes, Richard Dalton, Caleb Ratliff, Ben Belcher, Jeff Taulbee, Josh Hammond 2nd Heat- Dave McCarty, Adam Love, Matt Craddock, Chandler Belcher, Tim Brummett, Matthew Jones, David Lucas 3rd Heat- Clint Cox, Chris Shelton, Greg Hensley, Shane Irvin, Bill Taulbee, Ruby Young, Dave Driggers

Feature- Tyler Hayes, Shane Irvin, Shane Yates, Matt Craddock, Adam Love, Caleb Ratliff, Clint Cox, Greg Hensley, Chandler Belcher, Richard Dalton, Tim Brummett, Ben Belcher, Bill Taulbee, David Lucas, Josh Hammond, Chris Shelton, Dave Driggers, Ruby Young, Matthew Jones, Dave McCarty, Jeff Taulbee