Burton Bags Rain-Shortened Four Cylinder Rumble; Finn Watson Memorial Added to “Butterball” Memorial October 8 at Richmond Raceway


Richmond, KY(October 1, 2016) Richmond Raceway would present the 2nd Annual Finn Watson Memorial and Four Cylinder Rumble on Saturday evening and Charles Burton of Somerset, KY would win the rain-shortened event just six laps shy of its scheduled 25 laps and would score the $1,000 payday for the Pro-Tow Towing Stock Four Cylinders.  Mother Nature would claim the other feature events, including the Finn Watson Memorial for Sonic Late Models, along with the Phantom Racing Gear Modifieds and AR Bodies KDRA Super Stocks.

Jeremie Bretz would lead the opening two circuits of the 25 lap, $1,000 to win Pro-Tow Towing Stock Four Cylinder main event before he would slow on the track with a flat right-rear tire and turn the lead over to Charles Burton.  Burton would lead the rest of the way and hold after a final restart that would see rain showers start falling over the track and the event would be cautioned two laps later with 19 of the scheduled 25 laps completed as the track quickly became slippery.  After a lengthy period of the cars staying on the track, while also being joined by push trucks, the rains would pick up and the racing surface would go away, leaving track officials no other option but to postpone the remainder of the program.  Burton would claim the victory in his Delaney Engineering/D&M Muffler sponsored #1 machine.   Shane Irvin would be credited with second, while Chris Lowe would take third, with Sean Jones and Brandon Creech completing the top five.  The remainder of the top ten would be Doodle Farris, Mike Todd, Greg Hensley, Travis Preston, and Justin Masters.  Twenty-eight entries would see Bretz be top qualifier at 19.052 seconds and also win a heat, while Tyler Hayes and Hensley would also win heats, with Todd winning the B-Main.

The Sonic Late Model Finn Watson Memorial, Phantom Racing Gear Modified, and AR Bodies KDRA Super Stock feature events will now be a part of the 29th Annual Sunoco Race Fuels Paul “Butterball” Wooldridge Memorial event at the track on October 8.  After practice and Late Model time trials are completed, the Sonic Late Model Finn Watson Memorial will take place, with that feature winner guaranteed a starting position in the “Butterball” later that evening.  After that, the preliminary portion of the “Butterball” program will be presented, along with feature events in all divisions, followed then the make-up features for the Phantom Racing Gear Modifieds and AR Bodies KDRA Super Stocks.  These feature event fields are set and no other drivers can start any of the make-up features.  Race activities will start ONE hour earlier, with the pit area opening at 1:00 p.m. and the general admission area opening at 2:30 p.m.  Driver registration will close at 4:30 p.m., while the drivers meeting will be at 4:45 p.m., followed by practice and time trials beginning at 5:15 p.m. and racing getting underway at 6:30 p.m. 

In preliminary action for these divisions, the Sonic Late Models would see Michael Chilton be top qualifier among eleven entries at 14.557 seconds, with Greg Johnson and Derek Fisher winning heat races.  In the AR Bodies KDRA Super Stocks, twenty entries would see Robby Perkins as top qualifier at 16.557 seconds, with heat race wins going to Perkins, Jeremie Bretz, and Eddie Stewart.  The Phantom Racing Gear Modifieds would see twenty entries with two drivers breaking the division’s track record, with Blake Brown now holding the mark at 15.453 seconds, while heat race wins went to Brown, Cody Smith, and Keith Smith.

SUMMARY-Richmond Raceway-Richmond, KY-October 1, 2016 (

Pro-Tow Towing Stock Four Cylinders (28 entries) Top Qualifier- Jeremie Bretz 19.052 1st Heat (top 6 transfer)- Jeremie Bretz, Chris Lowe, Shane Irvin, Jeremy Porter, Justin Johnson, Eric Masters, Dalton Cox, Keith Gipson, Miles Wagner 2nd Heat (top 6 transfer)- Tyler Hayes, Sean Jones, Tyler Lawson, Brandon Creech, Wayne Helton, Ray Perry, David Lucas, Mike Todd, Jamison Gipson 3rd Heat (top 6 transfer)- Greg Hensley, Charles Burton, Eric Centers, Justin Masters, Clint Cox, Doodle Farris, Travis Preston, William Cole (DNS- Stacy Harrison, Mark Adkins) B-Main (top 4 transfer)- Mike Todd, Travis Preston, Miles Wagner, Dalton Cox, Jamison Gipson, Keith Gipson, David Lucas, Stacy Harrison, William Cole Four Cylinder Rumble- Charles Burton, Shane Irvin, Chris Lowe, Sean Jones, Brandon Creech, Doodle Farris, Mike Todd, Greg Hensley, Travis Preston, Justin Masters, Eric Masters, Wayne Helton, Tyler Lawson, Clint Cox, Ray Perry, Jeremy Porter, Jeremie Bretz, Dalton Cox, Miles Wagner, Justin Johnson, Eric Childers, Tyler Hayes

Sonic Late Models (11 entries)
Top Qualifier- Michael Chilton 14.557
1st Heat- Greg Johnson, Michael Chilton, James Rice, Daniel Shelton, Chris Ruble, Jason Cox 2nd Heat- Derek Fisher, Todd Coffman, Dennis Barton, Donnie Everman, Danny Barrett 2nd Annual Finn Watson Memorial- Rained Out (will be ran on October 8) Finn Watson Memorial Make-Up Feature Line-Up Row 1:  Greg Johnson-Derek Fisher Row 2:  Michael Chilton-Todd Coffman Row 3:  James Rice-Dennis Barton Row 4:  Daniel Shelton-Donnie Everman Row 5:  Chris Ruble-Danny Barrett Row 6-  Jason Cox

Phantom Racing Gear Modifieds (20 entries) Top Qualifier- Blake Brown 15.453 (New Track Record) 1st Heat- Blake Brown, Russ Gabbert, Zach Powers, Dennis Roberson, Korey Cochran, Tim Potts, Chris Kirk 2nd Heat- Cody Smith, Jim Robinson, Tommy Turner, Keith Decker, Tyler Collis, John Jackson (DNS-Jared Reams) 3rd Heat- Keith Smith, Brent Estes, Jimmy Crabtree, Aaron Cox, Brian Ramsey, Jeff Watson
Feature- Rained Out (will be ran on October 8) Modified Feature Make-Up Feature Line-Up Row 1:  Blake Brown-Cody Smith Row 2:  Keith Smith-Russ Gabbert Row 3:  Jimmy Robinson-Brent Estes Row 4:  Zach Powers-Tommy Turner Row 5:  Jimmy Crabtree-Dennis Roberson Row 6:  Keith Decker-Aaron Cox Row 7:  Korey Cochran-Tyler Collis Row 8:  Brian Ramsey-Tim Potts Row 9:  John Jackson-Jeff Watson Row 10:  Chris Kirk-Jared Reams

AR Bodies KDRA Super Stocks (20 entries) Top Qualifier- Robby Perkins 16.557 1st Heat- Robby Perkins, Faron Robinson, Logan Preston, Rick Epley, Jimmy Bailey (DNS-Thomas Hoch) 2nd Heat- Jeremie Bretz, Troy Clark, Jeremy Howard, John Hall, Rudi Strebeck, Philip Smith (DNS-Anthony Wiseman) 3rd Heat- Eddie Stewart, Travis Preston, Trae Soper, Pherman Stewart, Darrell Cain, Tim Lawson

Feature- Rained Out (will be ran October 8) KDRA Super Stock Make-Up Feature Line-Up Row 1:  Robby Perkins-Jeremie Bretz Row 2:  Eddie Stewart-Faron Robinson Row 3:  Troy Clark-Travis Preston Row 4:  Logan Preston-Jeremy Howard Row 5:  Trae Soper-Rick Epley Row 6:  John Hall-Pherman Stewart Row 7:  Terry Cheeks-Rudi Strebeck Row 8:  Darrell Cain-Jimmy Bailey Row 9:  Phillip Smith-Tim Lawson Row 10:  Thomas Hoch-Anthony Wiseman