Perkins Picks Up Saturday Night Showdown; Bretz Bags Four Cylinder Fury at Richmond Raceway


Richmond, KY(June 18, 2016) Richmond Raceway would return to action on Saturday evening and Robby Perkins of Ezel, KY would be the winner of the 2nd Annual Saturday Night Showdown American Dirt Allstars AR Bodies KDRA Super Stock $1,200 to win main event and Jeremie Bretz of Maysville, KY would take the $1,000 top prize in the Four Cylinder Fury contest for the Pro-Tow Towing Stock Four Cylinders.  Other feature event winners included Tommy Bailey of Corbin, KY in Sonic Late Models, Blake Brown of Corbin, KY in Phantom Racing Gear Modifieds, and Scott Crusenberry of Williamsburg, KY in Warlock Race Cars Mini-Cup/Cyclones.

Robby Perkins would lead most of the way and survive a trio of late race cautions to pick up the victory in the American Dirt Allstars AR Bodies KDRA Super Stock Saturday Night Showdown $1,200 to win main event.  The win for Perkins would be his first at Richmond Raceway and would come aboard his AR Bodies/Fraley’s Automotive/Kirby Race Cars and Parts sponsored #460 machine.  Eleventh spot starting Glen Hounshell, Jr. would take runner-up honors in the 30 lap event, while Jeremie Bretz would finish third.  Twentieth position starting James Crowe would wind up fourth, while Travis Preston would finish fifth.  The remainder of the top ten would be Allen Hackworth, Jr., Jeremy Howard, Chad Barrett, Eddie Hacker, and Terry Cheeks.  Twenty-four entries would see Perkins be the Patton Racing Supply top qualifier at 16.473 seconds and win a heat, with Eddie Stewart and Brandon Hutchinson also winning heats. 

The $1,000 to win Pro-Tow Towing Stock Four Cylinder Four Cylinder Fury 25 lap main event would feature three different leaders and when the checkered flag waved, tenth place starting Jeremie Bretz would be the driver in victory lane behind the wheel of the Swartz Enterprises sponsored #AR-15 machine.  Stacy Harrison would finish second, with early race leader Sean Jones taking third position.  Twenty-first starting Tyler Hayes would come home fourth, while twentieth starting Jacob Taulbee would finish fifth.  Completing the top ten would be fifteenth starting Eric Reynolds, Mike Todd, Bill Taulbee, Jeff Taulbee, and Wayne Helton.  Twenty-eight entries would see Bretz also be the top qualifier at 18.791 seconds, while heat race wins fell to Jones, Dylan Stevens, and Shane Irvin.  Travis Dickerson would be credited with the B Main win. 

Tommy Bailey would pick his way through heavy traffic in the middle stages of the Sonic Late Model feature that would see one caution around the midpoint of the event give Bailey clear sailing and he would wheel his Dependable Auto Sales/Barton’s Storage Buildings/Tommy’s Automotive/Mills Auto/Sam’s Body Shop/Scott’s Auto Glass/Economy Auto Sales/West Haven Speed Equipment/Hoosier Tire South sponsored #11 Rocket Chassis, Bullock Race Engines powered mount to victory lane for the second straight event.  Tim Tungate would be in competiton for the first time in a year and one-half and would take runner-up honors, with the final podium position going to Jason Barrett.  Eleventh place starting Gary Yeager would claim fourth, while Steven Eversole would take fifth.  Rounding out the top ten would be Mike Strunk, Johnny Wheeler, Jerry Rutherford, Brian Royalty, and Ernie Cordier.  Nineteen entries would see Bailey as top qualifier at 14.542 seconds, while the trio of heat race wins were scored by Bailey, Tungate, and Jake Henry. 

Blake Brown would score his second Phantom Racing Gear Modified main event win of the season as he would hold off a determined Keith Smith to claim the victory in the seat of the Robbie Brown owned Bill’s Bath and Lighting/Tammy Brown Photography/Team Lawyer Muscles/State Farm Insuracne/Basement Boutiques sponsored #99 Lightning Chassis powered by a Vic Hill Race Engine.  Keith Smith would finish second, with Aaron Branham third, while Jimmy Robinson and Jimmy Crabtree would complete the top five.  Sixth through tenth position finishes would go to Cody Smith, Korey Cochran, Zach Powers, Brent Estes, and Russ Perry.  Eighteen entries would see Cody Smith as top qualifier at 16.243 seconds, while the heat wins went to Brown and Keith Smith.

Scott Crusenberry would make his 2016 track debut a great one as the defending track champion would park his new ride in victory lane in the Warlock Race Cars Mini-Cup/Cyclone feature contest.  Crusenberry would drive his Don Frankin Automotive Centers/Tri County Wood/Roger Gregory Welding/Tri County Industries/NAPA sponsored #8 Warlock Race Cars entry to the win.  Bobby Williams and early race leader Jagger Stevens would come home second and third, while the remainder of the top five spots went to Glenn Dickerson and Dylan Rutherford.  Rutherford would be top qualifier among eight entries at 21.440, with Crusenberry winning the heat.  

SUMMARY-Richmond Raceway-Richmond, Kentucky-June 18, 2016

American Dirt Allstars AR Bodies KDRA Super Stocks (24 entries) Patton Racing Supply Top Qualifier- Robby Perkins 16.473 1st Heat- Robby Perkins, Jeremie Bretz, Allen Hackworth, Jr., Bill Robinson, Jimmy Bailey, Dan Dunbar, John Cole, James Crowe 2nd Heat- Eddie Stewart, Bartley Grant, Jeremy Howard, Glen Hounshell, Jr., Greg Hensley, Terry Cheeks (DNS- Martin Stacey, Justin Smith) 3rd Heat- Brandon Hutchinson, Troy Clark, Chad Barrett, Rudi Strebeck, Eddie Hacker, Trae Soper (DNS- Jamie Dailey) Saturday Night Showdown- Robby Perkins, Glen Hounshell, Jr., Jeremie Bretz, James Crowe, Travis Preston, Allen Hackworth, Jr., Jeremy Howard, Chad Barrett, Eddie Hacker, Terry Cheeks, Jimmy Bailey, Bartley Grant, Bill Robinson, Greg Hensley, Brandon Hutchinson, Rudi Strebeck, Dan Dunbar, Troy Clark, Eddie Stewart, John Cole (DNS- Jamie Dailey, Martin Stacey, Justin Smith)

Pro-Tow Towing Stock Four Cylinders (28 entries) Top Qualifier- Jeremie Bretz 18.791 1st Heat (top 6 transfer)- Sean Jones, Stacy Harrison, Clint Cox, Jeremie Bretz, Wayne Helton, Jamison Gipson, Dave McCarty, Tyler Hayes, Freddy Breeden (DNS- Jacob Taulbee) 2nd Heat (top 6 transfer)- Dylan Stevens, Charles Burton, Bill Taulbee, Tyler Patterson, Mike Todd, Brian Royalty, Travis Dickerson, Greg Hensley (DNS- Brandon Creech) 3rd Heat (top 6 transfer)- Shane Irvin, Logan Burke, Jeff Chumley, Jeremy Cantrell, Eric Reynolds, Jeff Taulbee, Keith Gipson (DNS- Travis Scenters, Gary Cole) B Main (top 4 transfer)- Travis Dickerson, Keith Gipson, Tyler Hayes, Jacob Taulbee (DNS- Dave McCarty, Greg Hensley, Freddy Breeden, Brandon Creech, Gary Cole, Travis Scenters) Four Cylinder Fury- Jeremie Bretz, Stacy Harrison, Sean Jones, Tyler Hayes, Jacob Taulbee, Eric Reynolds, Mike Todd, Bill Taulbee, Jeff Taulbee, Wayne Helton, Brian Royalty, Jeff Chumley, Jamison Gipson, Logan Burke, Charles Burton, Jeremy Cantrell, Shane Irvin, Tyler Patterson, Travis Dickerson, Clint Cox, Keith Gipson (DNS- Dylan Stevens)

Sonic Late Models (19 entries)
Top Qualifier- Tommy Bailey 14.542
1st Heat- Tommy Bailey, Jason Barrett, Todd Coffman, Mike Strunk, Danny Barrett, Chris Johnson, Donnie Everman 2nd Heat- Tim Tungate, Jerry Rutherford, Steven Eversole, Gary Yeager, Timmy Taylor (DNS- Josh Walker) 3rd Heat- Jake Henry, Johnny Wheeler, Brian Royalty, Chris Ruble, Ernie Cordier, Dennis Barton
Feature- Tommy Bailey, Tim Tungate, Jason Barrett, Gary Yeager, Steven Eversole, Mike Strunk, Johnny Wheeler, Jerry Rutherford, Brian Royalty, Ernie Corder, Donnie Everman, Chris Johnson, Danny Barrett, Todd Coffman, Jake Henry, Timmy Taylor, Chris Ruble, Dennis Barton (DNS- Josh Walker)

Phantom Racing Gear Modifieds (18 entries) Top Qualifier- Cody Smith 16.243 1st Heat- Blake Brown, Tommy Turner, Korey Cochran, Steven Brandenburg, Cody Smith, Russ Perry, Jeff Watson (DNS- Jared Reams, Clay Reece) 2nd Heat- Keith Smith, Jimmy Robinson, Aaron Branham, Jimmy Crabtree, Brent Estes, John Jackson, Zach Powers (DNS- Robert Luttrell, Jr., Shawn Hibbard)
Feature- Blake Brown, Keith Smith, Aaron Branham, Jimmy Robinson, Jimmy Crabtree, Cody Smith, Korey Cochran, Zach Powers, Brent Estes, Russ Perry, Jeff Watson, Tommy Turner, Robert Luttrell, Jr., Jared Reams, John Jackson (DNS- Clay Reese, Steven Brandenburg, Shawn Hibbard)

Warlock Race Cars Mini-Cup/Cyclones (8 entries) Top Qualifier- Dylan Rutherford 21.440
Heat- Scott Crusenberry, Josh Dickerson, Jagger Stevens, Bobby Williams, Dylan Rutherford, Dalton Brown, Glenn Dickerson (DNS- Connor Dole)

Feature- Scott Crusenberry, Bobby Williams, Jagger Stevens, Glenn Dickerson, Dylan Rutherford, Josh Dickerson, Dalton Brown, Connor Dole