Wheeler, Brown, Stewart, Burke, and Dickerson Winners at Richmond Raceway


Richmond, KY(April 23, 2016) Richmond Raceway presented its Family Meal Deal Night racing program on Saturday evening and race fans enjoyed special discounts at the concession areas and were treated to great racing action.  Feature winners for the evening included Johnny Wheeler of Campbellsville, KY in Late Models, Blake Brown of Corbin, KY in Phantom Racing Gear Modifieds, Eddie Stewart of Manchester, KY in AR Bodies KDRA Super Stocks, Logan Burke of Drift, KY in Four Cylinders, and Josh Dickerson of Richmond, KY in Warlock Race Cars Mini-Cup/Cyclones.

Four cautions in the first three laps of the Late Model feature would slow the start of action, but once racing got going, Johnny Wheeler would have the race lead and would never look back in leading all 25 laps of the contest and collecting the $1,500 payday aboard the Louis and Phyllis Brady owned Bob’s Classic Tractors/Wilson Plumbing/Williams and Tucker Auto Salvage/McDonald’s Masonry/R&J Motorsports sponsored #31x Swartz Race Car powered by a Dale Meers Race Engine.  Defending track champion Jason Barrett would take runner-up honors, while Todd Coffman would take the final podium finishing position with third.  Jake Henry and Zane Powell would complete the top five.  The remainder of the top ten would be Steve Stollings, Chris Ruble, Joey Jones, Daniel Shelton, and Buzz Williams.  Sixteen entries would see Wheeler as top qualifier at 14.832 seconds and win a heat, while Barrett was the other heat winner.

Blake Brown would hold off the advances of last week’s winner Keith Smith after a late race caution set up a two lap shootout to the checkered flag in the Phantom Racing Gear Modified main event and score the victory in the Robbie Brown owned Tammy Brown Photography/Bill’s Bath and Lighting/Team Lawyer Muscles/State Farm Insurance/Basement Boutique sponsored #99 Lightning Chassis, Vic Hill Race Engines powered mount.  Keith Smith would finish second, with Scott Lemaster taking third, while Dennis Roberson and Jim Robinson completed the top five.  Rounding out the top ten finishers would be Korey Cochran, Jeff Watson, Joe David Turner, P.J. Simpson, and Zach Powers.  Twenty-four entries would see Brown as top qualifier at 16.223 seconds and claim a heat win, while Smith and Aaron Branham were also heat winners.  Jimmy Crabtree would win the B-Main.

The AR Bodies KDRA Super Stock finale would produce the best finish of the night at Eddie Stewart would battle side-by-side with Robby Perkins on the final lap, with the pair door-to-door coming off turn four to the checkered flag.  In a photo-finish, Stewart would nip Perkins by .002 seconds to take the victory in the WeGo the Dog sponsored #119 machine.  Perkins would finish for the second straight week, while Jeremie Bretz, Trae Soper, and Allen Hackworth, Jr. would round out the top five.  Completing the top ten for the event were Brandon Hutchinson, Jim Ison, Greg Hensley, Bartley Grant, and James Crowe II.  Twenty entries saw Hutchinson as top qualifier at 16.525 seconds, while heat wins fell to Stewart and Perkins.

Logan Burke would visit victory lane in the Four Cylinder division feature event as he would drive away from the field to score the win in his BMB Heating and Air/Butler’s Wrecker Service/Martin Gun and Pawn/Tempstar Heating and Cooling Products sponsored #z28 Ford Mustang.  Tyler Hayes and Shane Irvin would finish second and third, while Eric Reynolds and Greg Hensley captured the fourth and fifth positions.  The remainder of the finishing order was Brandon Creech, Freddy Breeden, Keith Gipson, Jamison Gipson, and Charles Burton.  Ten entries saw Irvin as top qualifier at 20.149 seconds and also win the division’s heat.

The Warlock Race Cars Mini-Cup/Cyclone division feature event would see Josh Dickerson win in dominant fashion in his Dickerson Remodeling sponsored #17D MMI Chassis powered by a Crusenberry Race Engine.  Jason Bell would take second, followed by Dylan Rutherford and Bobby Williams.  Five entries would see Dickerson as top qualifier at 21.923 seconds and also win the heat.

SUMMARY-Richmond Raceway-Richmond, KY-April 23, 2016 (

Late Models (16 entries)
Top Qualifier- Johnny Wheeler 14.832
1st Heat- Johnny Wheeler, Todd Coffman, Steve Stollings, Buzz Williams, Brian Royalty, Dennis Barton, Chris Ruble, John Craft 2nd Heat- Jason Barrett, Jake Henry, Zane Powell, Daniel Shelton, Joey Jones, Jim Robinson, Scott Combs, Ernie Cordier
Feature- Johnny Wheeler, Jason Barrett, Todd Coffman, Jake Henry, Zane Powell, Steve Stollings, Chris Ruble, Joey Jones, Daniel Shelton, Buzz Williams, Jim Robinson, Brian Royalty, Dennis Barton, Scott Combs, John Craft (DNS- Ernie Cordier)

Phantom Racing Gear Modifieds (24 entries) Top Qualifier- Blake Brown 16.223 1st Heat (top five transfer)- Blake Brown, Jeff Watson, Jim Robinson, Zach Powers, David Lehman, Jimmy Crabtree, Russ Perry, Tyler Collis 2nd Heat (top five transfer)- Keith Smith, Dennis Roberson, Wade Rookard, Brent Estes, Korey Cochran, Steve Stollings, Joe David Turner, P.J. Simpson 3rd Heat (top five transfer)- Aaron Branham, Scott Lemaster, Kevin Harkins, Cameron Marlar, Cody Smith, Clay Reece, John Jackson, Keith Denny B Main (top five transfer)- Jimmy Crabtree, Joe David Turner, Clay Reece, John Jackson, P.J. Simpson, Russ Perry, Tyler Collis (DNS- Steve Stollings, Keith Denny)
Feature- Blake Brown, Keith Smith, Scott Lemaster, Dennis Roberson, Jim Robinson, Korey Cochran, Jeff Watson, Joe David Turner, P.J. Simpson, Zach Powers, John Jackson, David Lehman, Brent Estes, Jimmy Crabtree, Wade Rookard, Cody Smith, Aaron Branham, Clay Reece, Kevin Harkins, Cameron Marlar

AR Bodies KDRA Super Stocks (20 entries) Top Qualifier- Brandon Hutchinson 16.525 1st Heat- Eddie Stewart, Trae Soper, Greg Hensley, Jeremie Bretz, James Crowe II, Jason West, Sarah Patrick, Brandon Hutchinson, Bartley Grant (DNS- Darrell Cain) 2nd Heat- Robby Perkins, Randy Jones, Allen Hackworth, Jr., Jim Ison, Bill Robinson, Randy Frasure, Jimmy Bailey, Jeremy Howard, Terry Cheeks (DNS- Anthony Wiseman)
Feature- Eddie Stewart, Robby Perkins, Jeremie Bretz, Trae Soper, Allen Hackworth, Jr., Brandon Hutchinson, Jim Ison, Greg Hensley, Bartley Grant, James Crowe II, Randy Jones, Jimmy Bailey, Randy Frasure, Jason West, Sarah Patrick, Anthony Wiseman, Bill Robinson (DNS- Jeremy Howard, Terry Cheeks, Darrell Cain)

Stock Four Cylinders (10 entries)
Top Qualifier- Shane Irvin 20.149
Heat- Shane Irvin, Logan Burke, Tyler Hayes, Greg Hensley, Eric Reynolds, Freddy Breeden, Jamison Gipson, Brandon Creech, Keith Gipson, Charles Burton
Feature- Logan Burke, Tyler Hayes, Shane Irvin, Eric Reynolds, Greg Hensley, Brandon Creech, Freddy Breeden, Keith Gipson, Jamison Gipson, Charles Burton

Warlock Race Cars Mini-Cup/Cyclones (5 entries) Top Qualifier- Josh Dickerson 21.923
Heat- Josh Dickerson, Jason Bell, Dylan Rutherford, Bobby Williams (DNS- Connor Dole)
Feature- Josh Dickerson, Jason Bell, Dylan Rutherford, Bobby Williams (DNS- Connor Dole)