Richmond Raceway Beast of the East Clash Rained Out; 2015 Season Finished


Richmond, KY(October 2, 2015) Richmond Raceway co-promoters Larry, Chad, and Sarah Yantz regretfully have cancelled the Beast of the East Clash that was scheduled at the 3/10 red clay oval known as “The Beast of the East” for Saturday October 3.  With rain having fell most of the week and the forecast for more rain through the day and evening on Friday and with more rain forecasted for Saturday, the grounds at the track are completely soaked and with the forecast for no long-term break in the rains and unseasonably cool temperatures, the trio were left with no other option but to cancel the event.

The 2015 racing season is now complete at Richmond Raceway and track promoters Larry, Chad, and Sarah Yantz want to sincerely thank all the race teams and race fans for their support during their first season as promoters at the historic Madison County, KY race facility.  There will be a press release issued in the coming weeks with details regarding the 2015 Richmond Raceway Championship Banquet as well.  Track champions for the 2015 season at Richmond Raceway are as follows:  Jason Barrett of Waco, KY in Barry Turner of Century 21 Advantage Realty Super Late Models, Chris Johnson of Winchester, KY in REVELution Race Cars Pro Late Models, Jeff Watson of Campbellsville, KY in Modifieds, Glen Hounshell, Jr. of Mount Vernon, KY in KDRA Super Stocks, Stacy Harrison of Keavy, KY in Four Cylinders, and Scott Crusenberry of Williamsburg, KY in Warlock Race Cars Mini-Cup/Cyclones.   

Of note, for those race teams and race fans that have raincheck tickets and pit passes from the September 19 event that was rained out before the heat race events were completed, there will be three things that can be done with those tickets and/or pit passes and they are as follows: 1) track co-promoter Larry Yantz will be at Richmond Raceway on Saturday October 3 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and individuals can visit the track and get a refund on their ticket and/or pit pass (please write your name on the back of the ticket and/or pit pass); 2) Individuals can mail their ticket(s) and pit pass(es) back to Mr. Yantz at the following address:  Larry Yantz-2905 KY Hwy. 328 E-Waynesburg, KY 40489 (please include a self-addressed stamped envelope, indicate who the refund check needs to be made out to, and write names on the back of the tickets and/or pit passes); 3) Individuals can hold on to their ticket(s) and/or pit pass(es) and use them at any event in the month of April during the 2016 racing season at Richmond Raceway.  Richmond Raceway apologizes for any inconvenience caused to race teams and race fans over this situation, but no one can control the exploits of Mother Nature and the track sincerely thanks and appreciates the understanding of everyone about this situation. 

Richmond Raceway is located at 328 Greens Crossing Road, just a short drive from the city limits of Richmond, KY.  Larry, Chad, and Sarah Yantz are the track promoters and will present dirt track racing on Saturday evenings.  For more information about Richmond Raceway, contact track co-promoter Larry Yantz at (606) 510-5331 or track co-promoter Chad Yantz at (606) 510-4836 or by social media on the world wide web at or via Facebook at or of via Twitter @MichaelDespain or @RichmondRaceway.  The phone number at the track for information concerning race events and raceday information is (859) 624-5640.   

FINAL 2015 Richmond Raceway Top Ten Track Points

Barry Turner of Century 21 Advantage Realty Super Late Models
1.            Jason Barrett (Waco, KY)- 666
2.            Victor Lee (Danville, KY)- 573
3.            Tommy Bailey (Corbin, KY)- 559
4.            Aaron Hatton (Mount Sterling, KY)- 538
5.            Johnny Wheeler (Campbellsville, KY)- 526
6.            Michael Chilton (Salvisa, KY)- 498
7.            Derek Fisher (Olympia, KY)- 471
8.            Chris Ruble (Waco, KY)- 411
9.            Dennis Barton (Corbin, KY)- 383
10.          Steve Stollings (Hazard, KY)- 284

REVELution Race Cars Pro Late Models
1.            Chris Johnson (Winchester, KY)- 637
2.            Todd Coffman (Parksville, KY)- 635
3.            Chad Spradlin (Whitley City, KY)- 515
4.            Wesley Ball (Whitley City, KY)- 450
5.            David Freeman (Lexington, KY)- 402
6.            Zane Powell (Junction City, KY)- 294
7.            Chris Fair (Liberty, KY)- 279
8.            Elliott Despain (Buffalo, KY)- 278
9.            Jake Henry (Junction City, KY)- 271
10.          Clayton Spradlin (Bethel Ridge, KY)- 269

1.            Jeff Watson (Campbellsville, KY)- 818
2.            Jimmy Robinson (Richmond, KY)- 717
3.            Jimmy Crabtree (Irvine, KY)- 634
4.            Dennis Roberson (Paris, KY)- 577
5.            Russ Gabbert (Berea, KY)- 535
Jared Reams (Mount Vernon, KY)- 535
7.            Wade Rookard (East Bernstadt, KY)- 504
8.            Blake Brown (Corbin, KY)- 500
9.            Stevie Tipton (Irvine, KY)- 494
10.          Kevin Harkins (Hazard, KY)- 426

KDRA Super Stocks
1.            Glen Hounshell, Jr. (Mount Vernon, KY)- 721
2.            Logan Preston (Berea, KY)- 610
3.            Darrell Cain (Richmond, KY)- 563
4.            Jeremy Howard (Berea, KY)- 536
5.            Allen Hackworth, Jr. (Waco, KY)- 473
6.            Bill Robinson (Waco, KY)- 447
7.            Jeremie Bretz (Maysville, KY)- 445
8.            Eddie Stewart (Manchester, KY)- 444
9.            Rudi Strebeck (Berea, KY)- 413
10.          Johnny King (Lancaster, KY)- 412

Four Cylinders
1.            Stacy Harrison (Keavy, KY)- 648
2.            Dave McCarty (Owingsville, KY)- 623
3.            Jamison Gipson (Lancaster, KY)- 511
4.            Keith Gipson (Keene, KY)- 442
5.            Dylan Stevens (Morehead, KY)- 319
6.            Bill Taulbee (Irvine, KY)- 299
7.            Brian Ferguson (Ezel, KY)- 298
8.            Ronnie Romines (Gray, KY)- 289
9.            Dalton Cox (Versailles, KY)- 275
10.          Freddy Breeden (Somerset, KY)- 262

Warlock Race Cars Mini-Cup/Cyclones
1.            Scott Crusenberry (Williamsburg, KY)- 553
2.            Jason Bell (London, KY)- 547
3.            Josh Dickerson (Richmond, KY)- 439
4.            Cole Bland (Campbellsville, KY)- 293
5.            Shalie Bell (London, KY)- 64
6.            Tim Crusenberry (Williamsburg, KY)- 63
7.            Tyler Smith (Bimble, KY)- 10
Dylan Rutherford- 10
Aalyah Tye- 10