Richmond Raceway’s Richmond Rumble Cancelled on FRIDAY April 17 Due to Wet Condtions; Spring Shootout Still ON for SATURDAY April 18


Richmond, KY (April 16, 2015) Richmond Raceway co-promoters Larry, Chad, and Sarah Yantz have cancelled the Richmond Rumble that was scheduled for FRIDAY April 17 due to the wet condtions of the grounds at the track after heavy rains on Tuesday that caused flooding in and around the area at the track, followed by more rains that fell on Wednesday. The event will not be rescheduled at this time.

However, the Spring Shootout set for SATURDAY April 18 is still ON as of this time, but track officials will continue to monitor drying efforts and the local weather forecast as well for Saturday and a decision concerning this event will be made later on during the day on Friday or early Saturday morning.

Richmond Raceway will present the Spring Shootout on SATURDAY April 18 and that event will see the Barry Turner of Century 21 Advantage Realty Super Late Models race 40 laps for $5,000 to win, while the American Dirt Allstars will sanction the KDRA Super Stocks on Saturday April 18, with that feature going 25 laps for $1,000 to win. Also on the Spring Shootout racing docket for SATURDAY April 18 will be the Modifieds racing for $800 to win and the Four Cylinders racing for $300 to win. The REVELution Race Cars Pro Late Models and Warlock Race Cars Mini-Cup Cyclones will NOT be in action on Saturday April 18, however, Pro Late Models can compete with the Super Late Models and utilize the track tire rule for the Pro Late Model division. All divisions will participate in heat race events that will determine their heat race starting positions (the American Dirt Allstars will have a dash and heat race events). The Super Late Models will practice, then return after practice for time trials (2 cars at a time going 2 laps), while the American Dirt Allstars KDRA Super Stocks and Modifieds will utilize the practice/time trials combo format, with their best time in practice determining their heat race starting positions, while Four Cylinders will practice, but heat race line-ups will come via the pill draw. For the American Dirt Allstars, there is a $20 entry fee that does include transponder rental. Also, drivers in the Super Late Model division that fail to make the A-Main via a heat or B-Main will be eligible to receive $50 tow money.

Richmond Raceway Spring Shootout A-Main Payouts for SATURDAY April 18:
-Super Late Models (40 laps): 1st- $5,000, 2nd- $2,500, 3rd- $1,500, 4th- $1,000, 5th- $750, 6th- $600, 7th- $500, 8th- $450, 9th- $400, 10th- $375, 11th- $350, 12th- $325, 13th- $300, 14th- $290, 15th- $280, 16th- $270, 17th- $260, 18th- $250, 19th- $250, 20th- $250, 21st- $250, 22nd- $250.
-Modifieds (20 laps): 1st- $800, 2nd- $400, 3rd- $250, 4th- $200, 5th- $175, 6th- $150, 7th- $140, 8th- $130, 9th- $120, 10th- $110, 11th- $100, 12th- $100, 13th- $100, 14th- $100, 15th- $100, 16th- $100, 17th- $100, 18th- $100.
-American Dirt Allstars KDRA Super Stocks (25 laps): 1st- $1,000, 2nd- $500, 3rd- $250, 4th- $200, 5th- $175, 6th- $150, 7th- $125, 8th- $120, 9th- $115, 10th- $110, 11th- $105, 12th- $100, 13th- $100, 14th- $100, 15th- $100, 16th- $100, 17th- $100, 18th- $100, 19th- $100, 20th- $100, 21st- $100, 22nd- $100.
-Four Cylinders (12 laps): 1st- $300, 2nd- $150, 3rd- $100, 4th- $90, 5th- $80, 6th- $70, 7th- $65, 8th- $60, 9th- $55, 10th- $50, 11th- $45, 12th- $45, 13th- $45, 14th- $45, 15th- $45, 16th- $45, 17th- $45, 18th- $45.

Richmond Raceway will be using a transponder scoring system to time and score the cars during the 2015 season. Drivers must pick up a transponder at driver registration ($10 rental fee; $5 if they have their own) and the transponder must be mounted on the right-rear axle tube of the race car. Also, for a driver to get paid at the end of the night, they must return their transponder when they come to pick up their prize money. RACEceivers are also mandatory for use at Richmond Raceway in 2015 in all divisions. RACEceivers and transponders must be in use each time the cars are on the racing surface.

Activities for the Spring Shootout at Richmond Raceway on SATURDAY April 18 will see the pit area open at 4:00 p.m., with the general admission area open at 5:00 p.m. The drivers meeting will be at 6:15 p.m, with practice laps set to begin around 6:30 p.m., followed immediately by Super Late Model time trials. The green flag for the first race will wave at 7:30 p.m. Ticket prices for the Spring Shootout on SATURDAY April 18 in the general admission area will be $20 for adults, with children ages 12 and under FREE. For the pit area, adult prices will be $35, with children ages 6 to 12 costing $15, and children ages five and under FREE. If a driver races in more than one division, that driver has to buy a second pit pass. Also, any driver under the age of 18 will have to have a notorized release signed by both parents before that driver is eligible to compete at Richmond Raceway, due to insurance regulations.

Richmond Raceway is located at 328 Greens Crossing Road, just a short drive from the city limits of Richmond, KY. Larry, Chad, and Sarah Yantz are the track promoters and will present dirt track racing on Saturday evenings. For more information about Richmond Raceway, contact track co-promoter Larry Yantz at (606) 510-5331 or track co-promoter Chad Yantz at (606) 510-4836 or by social media on the world wide web at or via Facebook at or of via Twitter @MichaelDespain or @RichmondRaceway. The phone number at the track for information concerning race events and raceday information is (859) 624-5640.